First Purchases!


As it is only February, I have not purchased/ received too much stuff yet, but I have received these items:



Laundry bags, hangers, storage containers, screw driver set, and a cord wrap.

  1. Laundry bags- Obviously these are essential to the college experience. One cannot go to college without a laundry bag. Unless, however, you want everyone to see your nasty, dirty laundry. I suggest you buy one!:)
  2. Hangers- These are a necessity. You definitely do not want your clothes trashing up your small and cramped dorm room. I am sure your room mate will not appreciate it either! Originally I was taking just plain colored hangers, but then my parents were super awesome and got me my favorite color!
  3. Storage container- My parents bought this with a great idea in mind. There are three little sections. One would be used to store medicine. Another would hold a small sewing kit. The last would be a tiny first aid kit. I thought this was such a great idea to keep myself organized next year!
  4. Screw Driver set- You never know when you will need to build/ fix/ take down something. I have wanted to open these already because I always need a screw driver for something it seems like! I also love these because they are purple. Who doesn’t love purple? … exactly…
  5. Cord wrap- This is the cutest, most amazing thing I have ever seen. They make cord wraps at all sorts of different prices and styles. This one is a monkey. I think my dad found at it Target’s dollar section. Basically it keeps all of your cords from going wild. This is something I was planning on purchasing anyway. The fact that it is a monkey just makes it so much more perfect!

I have not started the big purchases yet. I think I am off to a great start though! College is so close that I should probably get a move on!

What is your biggest purchase for college? Anything interesting that you would have never thought of had someone else not purchased it?

 Comment below!

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “First Purchases!

  1. LOVE this!
    Personally, I feel like my biggest purchase would be on a toaster oven or something when I move out.. xD
    You should totally keep putting up posts like this! It’s such a neat idea, and it’d be helpful for other people going into college soon (or in a few years… 😉 )
    P.S. I never would have thought to buy myself some screwdrivers!! Haha, wow..

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it! A can opener is also one of those random things you will need. My friend and I figured that out last weekend when she didn’t have one in her dorm!

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