The Naked Roommate: Part 1

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***Disclaimer*** THIS IS A BOOK***

The Naked Roommate is written by Harlan Cohen

The Naked Roommate is a book created with the college life in mind. I would not call it a self help book necessarily, but it does give one ideas on how to approach situations when at college.  I am not too far into the book, but so far here are the tips I have kept in mind:

  1. I should not create too many expectations. Okay, well this will be a problem for me. I have my entire college life planned out (I know good and well that it will not end up like my plans). I have so many expectations of college. I expect it to be fun, challenging, give me the skills I need for my future career, and turn me into the human I would like the world to see!
  2. The ‘college experience’ will not happen overnight. This is a good idea for people to keep in mind. All too often do we expect something to happen in a second when it needs time to happen. So no, you will not go to college and have a group of close friends overnight. You also will not feel completely in tune with college life right away either. That is OK though!:)
  3. Two “DUH” tips are to Ask a lot of questions and try new things. These two tips will be simple for me, but what about for you?
  4. Lastly, just like it may have been your freshman year of high school, your first semester of college may not be your greatest. You are still getting acclimated to being on your own and have no idea how to do your laundry (I really hope you know how to do that…) Regardless, college will be nothing like high school and going in knowing that should hopefully ease the surprise of it all!

As you can obviously tell, I have not gotten too far into my book yet, but it is really good!

I really recommend it!:)

Have any suggestions or tips?

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