Roommates are inevitable if you are a college student living on campus and you are a freshman.

As the journey to becoming a college freshman continues, I have been receiving information about college a little at a time. For example, around Mid-September I found out I was accepted. In October, I registered for the orientation date. In January I was given information regarding my scholarships. Now, as of yesterday, I know who my roommate is! I also have two other suite-mates. (I opted for suite style living instead of the normal dorm route). I was very hesitant to get a roommate that I did not know. I have never shared a room with anyone for an extended period of time and all of a sudden I am expected to share a space with a complete stranger?! Okay?

My roommate and I spent awhile talking on Facebook yesterday and I am beyond relieved that we have common interests. If there was anything that freaked me out more about college, it was this. The interesting part about this is that we do not live too far from each other. I just find it interesting that we have not come across each other…ever. This is such a big transition for me! AHHHH! It will/should be fine.

There are many books out there that can guide people in living with roommates. In one of my previous posts I discussed one that I own: The Naked Roommate. There are many others out there that can assist with what to do.

I want to include more things about college roommates in this post aside from just my little monologue so here are two videos with tips about having a roommate.



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