Organizing Your New Life

“Organization is the key to success”

This has been stated by many throughout the years. When you really think about it, how much do you complete when you are organized as opposed to the times when you are not? If you are anything like me, chances are you are less motivated and therefore, accomplish less. I have a few ways that I am keeping organized this school year. With these methods, I know I will achieve a higher success rate!

Keep a Planner

Planner’s are my favorite way to stay organized during the school year. I like having a big book filled with my plans for the week, projects that are due, and assorted other school related tasks. In middle school and high school I always had a planner to write down my homework. Evidently college is less assigned homework and more recommended homework. Regardless, it will go in my planner.

Planner’s do not have to be boring either! Since I know all of you are thinking about what your planner would look like, because why wouldn’t you? :)They come in an assortment or sizes and variety of styles. You can find them at your nearest Target, Walmart, Drug Store, or even some store in the mall! Some designers have come out with planner’s that, while pricey and maybe not the best value, also get the job done.

If you do not listen to any of the organizational tips in the rest of this post, please listen to this one. Regardless if whether you are in college or not, a planner is a fabulous way to keep track of nearly everything!

Dry Erase Calendar

This goes hand in hand with the planner. A dry erase calendar is a very nice tool to have as a student. You can write broader events on it. I bought this fantastic calendar from Target a few weeks ago. The organized person that I am is very excited about this. It is the top dog of calendar’s! It has the normal dry erase calendar features, but comes with some very nice add-on’s including:

  • Bulletin board
  • Magnets
  • Color coded markers that can correspond with certain events. For example the blue marker means homework is due. Well it has a magnet attached to it and it goes on the blue dot at the bottom of the calendar. The dots on the bottom are used as a key so there is a box next to the blue dot and you would write “homework” in it. Now you know that all the events written in blue pertain to homework

Okayyyy… so maybe it is not THAT exciting, but it sure keeps one organized!

I tried to find a picture of this absolutely epitome of perfection of a calendar, but found every one EXCEPT the one I was looking for! Funny how that always happens?

Shoe Boxes and Bins

So dorm life is not always going to be glamorous (or so I have been told, I can let you all know from my point of view a month from now. I finished most of my shopping today and I am finding that the best way to organize everything is into shoe boxes. All my school supplies fit nicely into a larger shoe box, while all my eating utensils fit into a small shoe box. I then put those into the 18-gallon bins. Not only do these give you storage inside and an easier method to move your stuff in with, they can be used as little tables in your room. (This is where the not so glamorous part comes in.) Currently I have three 18-gallon bins. They are separated and organized as well. The less work I have to do on move in day, the better! One bin is filled with my school supplies a few odds and ends. The second bin consists of my cleaning necessities, first aid and medicines. The last bin includes all of my food, utensils, coffee maker (it really is necessary!), and again, some odds and ends. I also purchased a three drawer roller storage container. I plan to put my hair tools and assorted other random items that do not have a place in there! I like the idea of everything having a specific place. It will make finding everything a breeze!

Add Some Color

I have always tried to color code things by class. It is my way of keeping everything together and it helps me remember what I have studied! I read a celebrity’s study habits in a magazine a few years ago. She color coded her pens with what class she was on. English would be pink for example. She stated how it really helped her remember the information too. It made it more fun to study and she retained more information since she had a higher interest in it. I tried that method and it seemed to work for me! My parents bought me neon index cards and let me just say, they work so much better! When you have a fun way to study, you remember a lot more. Plus, the neon colors were great at keeping me awake! Those bright colors keep you studying!

Keeper of the Clothes

Closets are an area that many have trouble keeping clean. I like having my closet organized on many different levels. My shirts are in order by color and my tank tops are separated and in order by color as well. I like to roll my t-shirts up for more space and fold my jeans instead of hanging them. Then, I like to keep all my dress, skirts and shorts together.  even have a shoe rack to make sure they do not pile up.

College dorms are small and the closets are even tinier. In order to maximize the space in my miniscule closet, I purchased a hanging shoe rack and a rack doubler. My closet also has a shelf which will come in handy for those shoe boxes I mentioned earlier! I currently do not know how I am going to organize that closet. The rack doubler really helps me; I am very excited for it! I bought it from the Container Store. I’ll post the link to it below. It amazing because it can double in size either in length and/or height.

Closet Solution from The Container Store

I am very excited to use this as it will double the space I have!

I hope that this post has given you ideas on how to stay organized!

If you have any other ideas on how to stay organized in a cramped dorm room, please leave a comment! I would love to hear. 🙂



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