The Rules of the Room

roommateIt seems necessary to come up with an agreed upon set of rules when moving in with someone you have never met. My roommate and I get along great, but to be on the safe side (so we do not accidentally irritate each other) we came up with some ground rules for our room.

I have watched many YouTube videos and read a myriad of articles regarding that setting up rules ASAP can help you both in the long run. Hating conflict, I wanted to get these established soon so they would be out there already.

I have a friend who had the worst time with her roommate during her freshman year. The girl had asked (one time) to borrow her shampoo and my friend agreed. She noticed that her shampoo and body wash started disappearing quicker than it should have been. It turned out that her lovely roommate had been using up a lot of her stuff and borrowing other things without asking. The roommate never saw anything wrong with it either! It was because of this story and the articles that I wanted to come up with some rules

The Rules:

  1. We talked about whether or not drugs, alcohol, or smoking would be allowed in our room. We agreed that none of it would be allowed (it also helped that neither of us do any of that)
  2. Respecting one another when someone is sleeping. Be QUIET! At least do not be obnoxious, have a little courtesy! I have heard endless stories about rude roommates who would come in being loud and turning lights on when their roommate is asleep. Rudeeee….
  3. If one of us is not staying that night in the dorm and the other roommate has someone spend the night, they cannot sleep in the roommate who is gone bed. I really do not want people I do not know sleeping in my bed and she agreed!
  4. We were both okay with items being borrowed as long as we asked every time and it did not get out of hand. We also talked about if something breaks while borrowing it, buying a new one or helping to fix it.

These are not crazy rules. Mostly it came down to common courtesy and if we have to think, “is this ok?”, we will not do it!

Any horror stories to share? Any great ones?

Comment below!



6 thoughts on “The Rules of the Room

  1. I have had tough roommate situations and I found that if something bothers you that your roommate does its better to tell them early before letting it fester and if you live in an apartment or share a common space, like a living room have a cleaning schedule.

  2. I just found out that I have a roommate. I think these rules are really great. I will be discuusing similar ones with my roommate. Hopefully I will get a chance to talk to her soon!

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