Sororities: What’s the Deal?

RUSH 101

Greek life is as big deal around a myriad of college campuses. I wanted to discuss the idea of Rush. This is probably the most important time in a potential Greeks’ new life. I went through Rush, or recruitment as it is known where I am this past weekend. It was so much fun! I made so many great friends during the process.

The length of Rush depends on what school you are attending. Some last weeks, others, a mere few days.

The Rush process is broken up into different parts. These include:

  1. Philanthropy Day(s)

  2. Skit Day(s)

  3. Preference Day

The length of each of these “days” can vary based on how many sororities your school has!

Philanthropy Day(s) is where you do a service project for each of the houses that you visit that benefit their different charities So if they work with a children’s hospital, you may make crafts that can make the kids happy! During the day you meet some of the girl’s from each of the houses and get to know the sorority and a bit of their ideals.

The next day(s) you have to be invited back to the different houses. If you are invited back, you get to enjoy a skit put on by each of the houses. Again, afterward you get to talk to some different girls than the ones you met previously and you learn more in-depth what each sorority has to offer!

The last day or so is called Preference Day(s). During preference day you meet with one or two houses and you finally narrow down your choices and decided which group of girls you would bond with the best! At the end of the day you rank your choices and hope that you are given a bid!

The day after recruitment is over is called Bid Day. This was the most exciting day in my opinion! At my school they told everyone if they had received a bid or not so they would know whether or not to come to meeting that night. They will not tell you the bid until that night. All the girls who know they have received a bid wear their recruitment/rush shirts during the day. The night of Bid Day is the best part of the day. Once you receive your bid you get a “bid day shirt” from your new sorority and then you and all of your new sister run to your house and have a big party! It was such a fun experience!

What Should I Wear?

Each event becomes classier each time. Here are ideas of what to wear during rush:

Philanthropy Day:c7cd9322a9c3533b8c77360d544cb3dc


Skit Day:



Preference Day:

7b8198908a55e82eb4a264530fc5ec51OR4dbe407a7803db1918381ee10c8cb91fThese are just basic guidelines as to what should be worn.

My Personal Experience:

I came to college with an idea in my mind of what sorority I wanted, I had thought about it for over a year and had researched it and decided it was “the one for me”. After going through recruitment/rush I found that the one I had originally wanted to become a sister of, was not for me and ended up changing my mind. One of the biggest pieces of advice I had received before recruitment/rush had begun was to keep an open mind so I did just that. By keeping an open mind I found the right sorority for me! I received a bid from Kappa Delta and accepted it! It was such an exciting process and I loved every moment of it!

For those who do not know what Kappa Delta is all about here is the main website with any and all information:

Kappa Delta Sorority

The KD motto is as follows:

“Ta Kala Diokomen”

“Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and


I love this motto and am proud to be a part of this family!

Have a fantastic weekend!:)



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