What I Learned My First Two Weeks of Freshman Year

So this is the ending of my first two weeks of being a college freshman. I can say that it has been the most exciting and adventurous two weeks of my life! I have met so many incredibly intelligent people at my college and have had an amazing time. I came up with a list of everything that I learned! Without further ado, here we go!

  • Saying “Hi” to people you do not know is not weird! Everyone is trying to make new friends the first few weeks of school so going out of your way to meet someone new is fantastic.

  • I can be a very shy person and that just does not work when you are somewhere new! I made myself go out of my comfort zone. I can tell in the last two weeks I have become a more confident person in many aspects just because I believed in myself more!

  • Asking questions and showing interest get you so far. In correlation to my previous point, through becoming more confident, I asked more questions and got more answers. When you ask people questions they tend to think they had a great conversation with you!

  • Leave your door open to your room so you can meet new people! I live in a suite with four other girl’s so unlike a typical dorm room we actually have three doors…one for the living room and then two others that lead to two separate bed rooms. The first few days we kept the main door to the hall closed then one day I decided it would be nice to keep the main door open. Within a few minutes we were asked to play an impromptu soccer game. Obviously we agreed that this was a fantastic idea!

The first couple of weeks of college have been so great! I know there will be even more tips at the end of this semester and year! I will keep you all up to date!



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