Why I Decided to Rush

I’ve wanted to be in a sorority as long as I can remember. Elle in Legally Blonde was my idol growing up. Not necessarily because she was in a sorority, but because she became independent through the movie. She was inspiring. I recall from a young age wanting those experiences in my future. This is why I rushed for a sorority.

Many people tried to talk me out of it saying, “Why would you want to buy friends?”. It was never about “buying friends” for me, it was about creating lifelong memories with people who I could call my sisters. All I ever wanted was a group of girls who I would know would stand by me 100% of the time. I’ve found so many sisters who have been there for me and I am so thankful.

A sorority is a bond that one should strive to keep going throughout their entire life.

May you all find the same joy in your sororities that I have found in mine.

Beth 🙂


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